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1 Icon RavenMac MemberLevelIcon 10.0 Vote may be a little biased. I grew up with the game since portable 1 and 2. I love rhythm games and I especially love the key sounded ones. 578 2023-12-12
2 Icon eve_snow MemberLevelIcon 10.0   236.1 2023-08-29
3 Icon 깊은별빛 MemberLevelIcon 10.0   831 2023-04-23
4 Icon Alexis MemberLevelIcon 9.0   290.4 2022-08-30
5 Icon Typhlame MemberLevelIcon 9.0   156.9 2021-01-23
6 Icon Esaphia MemberLevelIcon 8.0 As a rhythm gamer, I found this game very fun and chill, very retro like, genres vary but mainly electro and pop, the game is built really nicely and has very little bugs which is great, the songs are fun to play and notes were mapped very well and come with nice quality sounds making it unique and brings more immersion. The game also has multiplayer and mission gamemodes alongside freeplay, multiplayer is chilled out nice small community, missions are cool but get very difficult introducing tough goals whilst forced having to use modifiers and specific key amounts, not the biggest fan of that imo, also there is air mode which is alright, it's there if you got nothing else to do I suppose but the mode I feel is a bit useless, the biggest con I find is the pricing, mainly the dlc packs, each pack costs around £12 to £20 which is quite bizarre for like 15 more songs so that sucks bum fluff unfortunately, other than that the base game is coolio so I'm giving it an 8 purely because i am a huge rhythm games fan and really support the remaining communities 125.9 2020-06-17
7 Icon JaffaCaffa MemberLevelIcon 8.0   Unknown 2020-05-26
8 Icon Rubytic MemberLevelIcon 10.0   96.1 2020-05-24
9 Icon shpasic MemberLevelIcon 7.0   Unknown 2020-05-22
10 Icon DragoniaC MemberLevelIcon 9.0   774.1 2020-03-29
11 Icon Sonicoa MemberLevelIcon 9.0   126.5 2020-03-12
12 Icon TapTopLENA MemberLevelIcon 10.0   1608.3 2020-03-10