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The Talos Principle 2
Hours to 100%
Hours story
Steam game
Hours story + Side quests
Players 100%
Rank Icon Name Vote Short Review Hours Played Time Voted
1 Icon Sebbern MemberLevelIcon 8.0   21.6 2024-03-29
2 Icon Marvash Magalli MemberLevelIcon 10.0   91.2 2024-03-24
3 Icon Zevrro MemberLevelIcon 9.0   3.9 2023-12-26
4 Icon Dave MemberLevelIcon 10.0   91 2023-12-11
5 Icon Dakusan MemberLevelIcon 8.0 This is definitely a worthy successor to Talos 1+Gehenna in terms of story telling and atmosphere and the world in general. I'm loving the psychological commentary that they started in Gehenna and further in really interesting ways. The voice acting is decent and the world and environments are absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, the puzzles in this game for the most part really stink in comparison to its predecessors, and this is a puzzle game first and foremost before any other genre considerations of matter. The actual puzzle areas are small and simple and never take me more than a few minutes. A few of them maybe took me more than 7 minutes. They aren't the area-spanning mind-bending expansive puzzles from Talos 1+Gehenna and that is really disappointing. I'm 3/4 of the way through the game now and I'm not expecting them to get any better as its obvious the original puzzle designer is no longer part of the project. They aren't... bad... but they aren't satisfying either. I don't feel any of the discovery like I did in its predecessors. And even worse are the sub-puzzle aspects. I think the tetragram puzzles are dumb and mostly just turn off my brain and brute force them. For the most part, I also hate the 3 monument "puzzle" types. The follow-the-spark and find-a-thing-from-a-map are both obnoxious and boring. I often don't like playing games with quest markers and compasses, and while I love looking at the absolutely gorgeous maps, finding the "hidden" things in them was so annoying I ended up turning on the compass in the 4th level. I'm glad I did as its saving me a lot of wasted time. All in all, I'd give the game a 7.5-8 score, while the originals were definitely a solid 10. It's a worthy successor and worth playing, but it doesn't hold a candle to Gehenna in its gameplay aspects. But the story and other aspects of the game definitely make it worth playing. 73.7 2023-12-05
6 Icon Echnaton MemberLevelIcon 10.0   32.6 2023-11-26
7 Icon John Smith MemberLevelIcon 9.0   54.2 2023-11-16
8 Icon yst MemberLevelIcon 10.0   66.2 2023-11-15
9 Icon Likeaalien MemberLevelIcon 10.0   54.4 2023-11-12
10 Icon Mr. Beartato MemberLevelIcon 8.0 I was very excited for this game, and it mostly lived up to my expectations. I'm not too keen on the amount of NPCs that Croteam is putting in their games now, I much preferred the more solitary experiences of earlier TTP/SS games. The puzzles are well-done, but the vast majority is far too easy. Even in the later stages. This was quite disappointing. However, I really enjoyed the game overall and the story as well as a few characters were entertaining. 31.7 2023-11-09
11 Icon Csontzuzo MemberLevelIcon 10.0   49.9 2023-11-05