Thank you for checking out AStats and informing yourself about donating!

Donations to the site are to keep the server running and/or as thank you for the work put into it.

Donation are most appreciated and you can get some things gifted for it in return.

Donation types

Those that donate at least 10 Euro get a year long gold VIP and after that lifetime silver VIP.
Those that donate at least 25 Euro get a year long platinum VIP and after that lifetime silver VIP.
If you donate 5 Euro, you will get half a year gold VIP and after that you go back to a normal status.

And if you like to support more later, Gold VIPs can donate 15 euro to upgrade their account to platinum VIP.

VIP Rewards

VIP stopnja Značka Profilna slika Dodatne ugodnosti
Srebrna Stopnja člana Stopnja člana +1 bonus točka izkušnje za obisk lastnega profila ali prijavo na stran.
Zlata Stopnja člana Stopnja člana A profile background.
+2 bonus XP for visiting your profile or logging in.
All advertisements and/or the message about not using ad blockers hidden.
More results at the same time visible for many pages. For example the index page will show 100 top profiles instead of the regular 50.
Allowed to refresh a game page every 5 minutes instead of every 15.
Faster occuring profile refreshes.
Platinasta Stopnja člana Stopnja člana

Same as Gold VIP

Plus an extra time limited icon this month.

Plus any special icons that come out during the time of the Platinum VIP.

Plus not yet determined, but there will be some specials in the future.

Final notice. All donations made are final and are non refundable. The things you get in return for your donation are given as thanks for your support and can also be taken away if you misbehave badly.
Also all VIP bonuses are in no way fixed for life so can be changed at any time as the site evolves.

If you donate using Paypal, be sure to logged in if you want it tied to your profile.

It is also possible to donate in other ways, but please contact the admin if you want to do so.