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MemberLevelIcon Rank: -
AStats editor
910 games bought on Steam.
1.050 games listed on AStats.

549 games completed 100%.
And 8 at 100% now removed from the store.

AStats Type AGC%: 90,21 (651 games)
Steam Type AGC%: 90,11

24.909 achievements worth points.
25 invalid achievements.
13 achievements marked as not counting.
63 achievements from removed games.
908 achievements gained the past 7 days.

100.996 AStats points. (16.322 bonus.)
191 guides written.
8.306 guide experience.
257 friends.
10 groups.
100 giveaways succesfully completed.
100 keys given away through giveaways.

13.457 hours played.
354,9 hours played last 2 weeks.
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