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Steam game list of tautology

Voted for 167 games
Logo Name Vote Short Review Time Voted
Saints Row IV 10.0 Just stop dithering. Buy it. Play it. 2013-11-29
Saints Row: The Third 10.0 Play it, kill stuff. About 12 million percent better than the banal rubbish that GTA is. 2012-08-31
The Binding of Isaac 9.0   2012-10-04
The Typing of The Dead: Overkill 9.0 It's so over the top that it becomes truly great. 2013-12-17
Bastion 9.0 Just play it, that is all. 2012-08-02
To the Moon 9.0   2013-10-07
Serious Sam 3: BFE 9.0 What DNF should've been. 2012-03-03
Trine 9.0   2011-12-01
The Blackwell Legacy 9.0 A good solid adventure game. 2012-11-28
The Wolf Among Us 9.0   2014-07-28
Killing Floor 9.0   2011-12-01
Brütal Legend 9.0 Worth a 9 just for the music. 2013-05-09
Dungeons of Dredmor 9.0 You'll either hate this or love it. Yes, the interface could be better, but it is what it is: a decent roguelike with a good helping of humour. 2012-01-03
Psychonauts 9.0 Wonderfully anarchaic, only looses the one point as the control and camera system is badly thought out. 2012-03-13
The Walking Dead 9.0 Controls are a pain in the backside, but the story and production is solid. 2013-02-02
Anomaly Warzone Earth 8.0 A good attempt at a reverse tower defence game. Good voice acting (for once) in an indie game. 2012-12-03
Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series 8.0   2015-02-12
Thomas Was Alone 8.0 A well though out multi-character puzzler with an excellent sardonic voice over. The only problem is the rather sticky controls. 2013-06-14
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition 8.0 I spent weeks of my life playing this BitD. Yeah it looks dated and has cheesy voice overs, but it still has a special place. 2015-02-09
Nation Red 8.0 Great casual play game. 2011-11-21
Magicka 8.0 Buggy, pointless DLCs, but a really fun game. 2011-11-21
Stacking 8.0 Another well executed game from Double Fine. 2013-07-30
Braid 8.0   2012-08-20
The Stanley Parable Demo 8.0 8 2013-11-01
The Stanley Parable 8.0   2013-10-18
Blackwell Convergence 8.0   2013-01-02
Sid Meier's Civilization V 8.0 It's not IV and it's not II and it's definitely not I, but at least it isn't III. 2013-01-08
POSTAL 2 8.0 Is just as good now as when it came out, though hopefully less buggy. 2013-12-18
Infested Planet 8.0   2017-01-20
Risk of Rain 8.0   2014-01-29
Dead Pixels 7.0 Simple, but fun, zombie shooter. 2013-01-13
Procyon 7.0 Surprisingly good shoot em up! 2014-12-04
Realm of the Mad God 7.0 Good for a giggle, but no long term prospects. 2012-03-13
Defense Grid: The Awakening 7.0 Great TD game. Pity about the spelling error in the title (Defence) and the upper class British accent pronouncing "data" incorrectly. Yes, I'm that picky. 2012-08-15
Micron 7.0 Surprisingly good puzzle game! 2014-12-30
The First Templar 7.0 It a well executed 3rd person adventure game. Yes, there's nothing ground breaking, it's a bit linear and by the end a bit easy, but it's a fun game to play for the 12 hours of the campaign. 2013-10-15
Fortix 7.0 Simple, fun and cheap - good way to kill a couple of hours. 2012-05-24
Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge 7.0   2015-03-02
DeathSpank 7.0 Would get more but there are some real annoyances in the control system. 2013-11-01
Major Mayhem 7.0   2014-10-09
Syder Arcade 7.0 Pretty solid shoot 'em up. 2014-04-09
Cloning Clyde 7.0 Fun little puzzle game 2013-04-09
The Forest of Doom 7.0 This takes me back to the deep, dark 80s when I was addicted to these books; and that's what it is: the book in computer form! 2014-12-19
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink 7.0 This is one of the best HO games, the HO scenes have been moved into the background and the plot ties together well. And, dare I say it, the voice acting isn't totally laughable! 2014-07-25
Alan Wake 7.0 Good: story and atmosphere. Bad: Control system (it feels like a bad X-Box port) 2013-02-24
Crimsonland 7.0   2015-03-11
Beat Hazard 7.0 Solid audio shooter game. Although the effects often get in the way I find it more fun than Audiosurf. 2012-09-24
Orcs Must Die! 7.0 Well executed tower defence game. Controls could do with a lot of work though. 2012-05-30
Party of Sin 7.0 Interesting and well executed take on the genre of multi-character puzzle platformer. 2013-07-03
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon 7.0 Surprisingly fun shooter. 2013-03-08
Escape Goat 7.0   2013-10-19
Adventures of Shuggy 7.0 A decent enough platformer,but tends towards the sadistic. 2013-07-22
Battle Group 2 7.0 Surprisingly enjoyable little game, although it turns very grindy once you've completed the campaign. 2015-01-20
Paranormal State: Poison Spring Collector's Edition 6.0 An okay hidden object game, which would probably be more enjoyable if you'd heard of the original program and if the art of the people didn't just look so wrong. 2014-04-26
Muffin Knight 6.0 Surprisingly fun game although it is quite buggy and sometimes achievements may stop tracking. 2014-07-30
HOARD 6.0 Fun little casual game. The biggest detractor is that multiplayer is dead. 2012-09-14
Hexcells Plus 6.0 It's basically minesweeper. So your score will be related to how much you like minesweeper. I don't really. 2014-05-04
I, Zombie 6.0   2015-02-12
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler 6.0 Fun for a bit, but then gets repetitive. 2012-06-10
Tiny Troopers 6.0 A direct rip-off on cannon fodder. But it's fun, though probably only a "if you can find it cheap" buy. 2012-12-16
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf 6.0   2014-12-30
BRINK 6.0 The AI sucks, but fun enough. 2013-02-15
Audiosurf 6.0   2012-09-24
Who's That Flying?! 6.0 Good for a laugh, but the load times and controls are very annoying. 2012-12-17
Puzzle Dimension 6.0 A good enough idea, although the retrofeel is annoying. 2012-09-25
The Wonderful End of the World 6.0   2011-12-01
Cubemen 6.0 Be careful: it has a steep learning curve! 2013-03-15
4 Elements 6.0 A solid match 3 game with some other game modes to relieve the boredom. 2013-05-07
Costume Quest 6.0 The weakest Double Fine offering. Still fun, but nowhere near the quality of their other work. 2013-08-06
Strata 6.0 Interesting puzzle game. Note there are bugs here so you may end up getting achievements you haven't actually achieved! 2014-10-23
Zombie Driver 6.0   2011-12-01
Oil Rush 6.0 It's not the best game, but it is playable. If you can find it for less than a fiver it's worth it. 2012-08-20
The Shivah 6.0 Too short, and some serious over-the-topness in the characters. 2014-04-10
Dynamite Jack 6.0 Fun little puzzle game, it would've got boring if it had been longer 2013-02-19
Booster Trooper 5.0 Originally it would've been a 3, but when you actually play it with real people it's surprisingly fun. Oh, most of the achievements require grinding or idling, and there's no support; but I got my quid's worth of value in real game time out of it. 2014-03-25
Finding Teddy 5.0 Most the puzzles are based around musical cues and the animation style is so frustratingly slow I just wanted to throw my mouse at the screen. It would've been better if there was something to indicate what the notes where for 2 of the puzzles and with the animation sped up about 4 times. 2014-02-10
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden 5.0 Possibly the easiest HO game around. Setting is blatantly ripped from Bioshock and the cut scenes are deep in the uncanny valley. 2014-06-02
Runespell: Overture 5.0   2012-01-31
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan 5.0 You too can play a jingoistic psychopath in a distinctly average rail shooter. 2014-09-04
Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma 5.0 I felt this was a bit of a disappointment: the plot and puzzles seemed very linear and there wasn't too much challenge on either the mini-games or the HO scenes. A fast 100%, but nowt special. 2014-12-16
Mini Motor Racing EVO 5.0 Although it initially appears to be a simple and fun racing game, this doesn't hold out for long as it quickly becomes a grind to get enough money to buy the upgrades to allow you to access more tracks. There's also a massive luck element: if you get stuck in the pack you will lose the race. Too little to keep you playing and too many maps so play just becomes a grind. 2013-09-05
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes 5.0 Would be higher, but it has officially the most annoying camera ever! 2013-04-02
MacGuffin's Curse 5.0 Interesting sort of sokoban game. The problem is is that it is too long so you get bored before getting halfway through. 2013-03-28
Gunpowder 5.0 It's nothing special but it's an okay casual puzzle game. 2016-12-13
Frozen Synapse 5.0 Initially I hated it, though it got better with playing. Still not my type of game. 2013-02-03
Lightfish 5.0 SImple Qix clone, like Fortix, but the control system does seem to be a bit tempermental. 2013-03-26
AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity 5.0   2012-03-13
Faerie Solitaire 5.0 It's a basic form of patience (solitaire is a game with marbles, not cards, stupid American English). It's okay for the first few gams but rapidly starts to drag and turn into a grindfest. 2012-09-24
Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond 5.0 A very easy HOD game, but it is very cheesy (not in a good way) and has a lot of logical inconsistencies. 2015-04-23
Atom Zombie Smasher 4.0   2012-02-06
Confrontation 4.0 Meh game with the most convoluted names ever. From the standard of the writing, the story appears to have been put together by a five year old. 2013-11-22
Big Brain Wolf 4.0 Slowest animation ever and stupidly low resolution. 2014-11-27
iBomber Attack 4.0 I found it quite fun and at least they couldn't mispell "defence" here. 2013-02-20
Cinders 4.0 It didn't really do anything for me, the art was lifeless and the writing was turgid. 2014-08-07
Wizorb 4.0 It's a buggy clone of Arkanoid. Don't be fooled by the "RPG" tag. It's not, it has some crappy JPRG type town interface to inject some plot together, but other than that it's just Arkanoid. 2013-10-07
The Collider 4.0 Could have been a good game, but its too quick to complete. 2015-03-31
Zoo Rampage 4.0 Disappointing - a game that could've been so much better turns into an aggravating grindfest because of some simple design faults. 2014-10-09
Larva Mortus 4.0 Roguelike dungeon crawl with 90s graphics and dull gameplay. 2013-08-16
Poof 4.0 Would be higher, but the (non-redefinable) keyboard controls aren't comfortable to use. 2014-06-04
Relive 4.0 No invert mouse Y-axis option makes it very hard to control. 2016-10-24
Defy Gravity 4.0   2013-02-19
Archon:Classic 4.0 Initially fun, but insane mode is just masochism. Poorly designed. 2014-05-13
Symphony 4.0 Nicely done music game; it still (IIRC) isn't better than Beat Hazard, but it's not far off. It could do with increasing the size of the game area though. Having got through to the later difficulties, it becomes annoyingly frustrating as the death time out is far too long and the playing field is far too small to avoid death. Badly thought out at this level. I have massively lowered the score, simply because whoever did the difficulty curve should try going back and play their game. The last difficulty is about 5000 times harder than the forelast one showing that the game designers couldn't have actually even tried to play the game properly, which has totally sapped any enjoyment I originally had of this game. 2014-05-30
Eversion 4.0 Too much like Mario World for my tastes. 2013-02-24
Lucid 4.0 A simple match x game, but it doesn't have enough variety to keep you interested enough to play. 2013-07-07
Wasteland Angel 4.0 Moderately fun, but gets boring after a while with little variety in the gameplay. 2013-04-07
Pound of Ground 4.0 Tries to be both a zombie hitting game and a car driving game and fails at both. The voice acting is *awful*. 2012-03-13
Season of Mystery : The Cherry Blossom Murders 4.0 Meh. The plot is dull, the artwork is average and the gameplay is continuous hidden object scenes with objects in strange and illogical places. Could be a lot better. 2013-12-28
Sparkle 2 Evo 4.0 Interesting enough casual game, though no real challenge once you get the hand of it. 2013-11-12
Borealis 4.0 An interesting idea; unfortunately the slow mouse movement really aggravates my RSI, so makes it actually painful to play! 2014-12-22
The Secret Order 4: Beyond Time 4.0 I found this to be a really boring example of the genre: most of the puzzles were illogical with little clue of what to do. 2016-12-02
Snuggle Truck 4.0   2012-03-28
Dead Horde 3.0 Dreary and boring. There is nothing worse than the realisation after you beat it for the first time when you realise you have to do it three more times! 2013-03-18
Mutant Storm Reloaded 3.0 What could be a fun mouse and keyboard shooter is ruined by a badly designed advancement concept: the game only really advances if you never loose a life. There is absolutely no point in continuing once you've died, so you end up endlessly repeating the first few levels until you quit the game out of frustration. 2014-06-24
Biglands: A Game Made By Kids 3.0 The graphics and story may have been made by kids; but that doesn't excuse the shoddy gameplay. 2014-11-19
Hack, Slash, Loot 3.0 Roguelike done very badly. It's almost as if the author has read what a roguelike should be like and never actually played one. Avoid. 2012-08-20
Alien Hallway 3.0 A grindfest with little strategy required: just repeat earlier levels to earn enough money to upgrade. 2012-12-28
Anna - Extended Edition 3.0 Clunky, bad graphics and illogical puzzles. 2012-11-16
Blast Em! 3.0 1990 wants its sprites back! 2014-06-23
KrissX 3.0   2012-11-29
Fluttabyes 3.0   2012-11-25
Cyberpunk 3776 3.0 A frustrating horizontal shooter which isn't particularly difficult, but it requires constant upgrading of your ship which means that you will need to replay the first 3 or 4 levels constantly. 2016-08-15
Zombie Bowl-O-Rama 3.0 Could be good but the animation takes too long and the AI cheats like a bastard. 2013-07-23
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood 3.0   2012-03-13
Heckabomb 3.0 A bullet-hell/mouse and keyboard shooter where all the bullets are the same colour as the background and the enemies are the same dull grey colour (which is also in the background), which essentially makes it an exercise in luck and frustration as you randomly die from something that you can't see because it's the same colour as the backgound. 2016-06-14
Air Forte 3.0 It's not really a game, more a sort of simple idea. Pity that a lot of the answers are wrong as well. 2013-06-07
Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre 3.0 Should've been a DLC to the first game. Feels like someone just messing around with the engine rather than a real game. 2013-01-13
Evoland 3.0 Just reminds me why I hate JRPGs. 2014-03-12
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition 2.0 So bad it's terrible. 2014-03-08
Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition 2.0 Horrible controls and motion; hard to judge your position; dull and repetative; tedious Music. Very little to recommend. 2015-03-30
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2.0 Terrible, the sniper rifle is inaccurate, yet the AI can hit you with assault rifles! Foliage doesn't hide you from the AI, but does stop you seeing the AI. Avoid. 2016-05-23
Burgers 2.0   2016-05-13
The Culling Of The Cows 2.0 Absolute crap. 2015-02-05
Burn Zombie Burn 2.0   2011-12-05
500 Years Act 1 2.0 Argh; the "art"! It's so bad it makes the story look good. 2015-08-22
Razor2: Hidden Skies 2.0 Absolute crap 2012-08-20
Burning Cars 2.0 Feels like driving a Sinclair C5 through treacle. 2014-10-09
Rabiez: Epidemic 2.0   2016-11-23
SAMOLIOTIK 2.0   2016-07-02
Electronic Super Joy: Groove City 2.0 An exercise in frustration with gamepad orientated controls and a bloody awful soundtrack. 2015-02-12
The NADI Project 2.0 A half-finished walking simulator with slow walking, very poor lighting, unconfigurable controls and a story that just fizzles out before it gets started. 2016-09-02
Woody Two-Legs Attack of the Zombie Pirates 2.0 Not particularly interesting, I've played better free flash games. If I'd paid more than £1 I'd have wanted a refund. 2011-11-21
1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby) 2.0 A total rip off. You basically are buying a demo and a promise of a game when it comes out. It's taken over 2 years and nothing has changed. 2012-08-20
DETOUR 2.0 The premise for the game is interesting enough, but the art, music, sound and very buggy code make it virtually unplayable. 2013-11-19
BIT.TRIP BEAT 2.0 Pointless crap, with a very stupid achievement 2012-12-05
Spartans Vs Zombies Defense 2.0   2015-03-03
Make it indie! 1.0   2015-04-09
Only If 1.0 Would be okay if the developer had thought that not everybody likes his control scheme. All games ought to allow an invert Y-axis. Also very buggy, achievements won't always pop. 2014-09-19
Sinister City 1.0 And here we have the Bad Rats of hidden object games: bad acting, bad story, pointless puzzles requiring random clicks and more bugs than you can shake a stick at (including a crash if you have non-ASCII characters in your username). The devs haven't even bothered to remove the mobile specific language (e.g. "tap"). 2014-10-28
Bad Rats 1.0   2017-01-16
Super Meat Boy 1.0 A platform game with sloppy, imprecise controls? Seriously, it's an exercise in torture. 2013-03-10
Driver Fusion Free Legacy 1.0 I wouldn't trust this app to clean up my temporary directory, let alone my system files. 2013-05-07
Lands Of Devastation 1.0 Buggy, annoying sounds, bad graphics. New worst game on Steam? 2016-05-25
Flight of the Paladin 1.0 It's a minimalistic shoot-em-up, including the all the fun. 2016-03-18
Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition 1.0 Offensive to the ears, offensive to the eyes. Not worth even downloading. 2016-03-31
Spectraball 1.0 Initially looks fun, but quickly descends into frustration showing bad camera angles and check points that are in the most useless places ever. 2013-01-15
hack_me 1.0   2017-01-08
Yury 1.0 Why do people write "hard" platformers when they just mean that the controls are useless. Avoid, no redeeming features. 2015-04-12
The Polynomial 1.0 Utter rubbish 2013-09-13
Narcissu 1st & 2nd 1.0 Crap writing which scrolls along at the pace of an arthritic scale. Turgid, banal drivel and even the auto scroll is stupidly slow that even a 4 year old would get impatient for the next word. 2015-04-26
HACK_IT 1.0 A terrible example of interactive fiction. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, a lack of plot or characterisation and the less said about the "hacking" the better. 2017-01-17
Woodle Tree Adventures 1.0 Just terrible. 2014-09-08
Zombie Camp: Last Survivor 1.0 No control options and the mouse is too sensitive and cannot be inverted. 2015-05-01
Deserter Simulator 1.0 Utter shite. 2016-03-31
B.U.T.T.O.N. 1.0   2012-11-29
Starship Annihilator 1.0 Should be called Starship Boredom. 2017-01-05
BoxesWithGuns 1.0 The author's attempt to spread epilepsy through the land via the medium of a crap mouse and keyboard shooter. 2015-06-12