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Steam game list of Cos

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Showing 22 games.
Played: 22 out of 22 (100,0%)
Logo Name Gained
Pct. To go Hours
Score Hrs to 100% Last Achievement Date Completed
LogoKrissX1111100%017101057.52018-01-02 08:00:15
LogoTracks of Triumph: Summertime394394100%0223102.72.32017-09-30 23:24:47
LogoTracks of Triumph: Industrial Zone388388100%03231031.92017-09-30 23:17:03
LogoTracks of Triumph: Good Old Times373373100%0323102.13.22017-09-30 23:10:28
Logo大海战 Navy Field IV11100%001001.10.22017-02-04 19:04:11
LogoEl Ninja (Beta)66100%011433.30.82016-11-22 18:51:29
LogoSharf33100%021001.70.42016-03-12 11:53:01
LogoThe Expendables 2 Videogame2121100%014113822.410.02015-12-14 00:14:46
LogoMafia II - JAPAN6767100%01933332588.670.02015-09-23 04:18:22
LogoNekoChan Hero - Collection1010100%022184.32.22015-02-03 00:07:17
LogoNo Time to Explain99100%0444276.54.32014-10-09 00:52:50
LogoThe Political Machine2121100%011105765.24.62014-04-22 07:26:45
LogoSuperfrog HD1212100%0570485.47.32013-11-07 20:43:10
LogoDuke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition2020100%02493668.524.42013-10-06 14:46:58
LogoGun Monkeys88100%01148304.67.72013-09-27 04:53:52
LogoMole Control1313100%01559394.915.02013-04-19 19:40:35
LogoAdam's Venture Episode 3: Revelations1515100%021435.52.52013-03-20 01:51:32
LogoAdam's Venture Episode 2: Solomon's Secret1717100%031435.72.82013-03-19 02:19:27
LogoAdam's Venture Episode 1: The Search For The Lost Garden1717100%031975.42.52013-03-13 21:53:22
LogoZombie Driver5151100%0423252526.620.32012-10-22 01:23:28
LogoDreamkiller5050100%0413933065.636.02012-04-11 00:15:27
LogoDroplitz1212100%0138157616.02010-01-05 02:03:50