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Name: Garry's Mod
Achievements:29 Time to 100%:8.762,5 hrs
Points:485 Avg Playtime:124,4 hrs
Retail steamkeys:Yes
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6.8 (159 votes)
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AStats - Garry's Mod - Achievement: Startup Millenium
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Startup Millenium
Start Garry's Mod 1000 times
MemberLevelIcon Rev B0FHY Added: 22-1-2013
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Sidenote from SgtFopper (April, 10th 2013):
This method is not working atm. A new method is in the works)

1) Create a shortcut file (GMOD.lnk) to Garry's Mod in your Steam folder along the lines of...:
E:\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 4000

2) Now open up Notepad (or equivalent) and create a batch file like this and save it into your Steam directory as gmod.bat:
ECHO "Starting GMod Millenium Trap"
ping -n 75 > NUL 2>&1
TASKKILL /f /im "hl2.exe"
CALL gmod.bat

3) Double click on the batch file and go afk for a LONG time

NOTE: Edit the ping time (the number 75 above, in seconds) to suit your PC spec - as long as you reach the main menu the counter will have gone up!